Monday, August 23, 2010

A Dark Fairy Tale and Keeping Bees

I have two bookmarks employed at present. The first holds a spot on page 166 of Darkwood by M.E.Breen, a middle grade fantasy novel published in 2009 by Bloomsbury. I picked up this book from the library out of sheer curiosity. Darkwood is the author's first novel and Bloomsbury is a press I have had my eye on. I began the book for market study, but have found myself racing through the pages in anxious anticipation as the author's clever plot twists and thickens.

My other bookmark is on page 114 of Plan Bee by Susan Brackney. This charming little black and yellow book is one of my finds from the beekeeping corner of the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Vermont. Beekeeping has me fascinated. I would love nothing more than to don the signature coveralls, hat and mesh veil, and with bee smoker in hand, tramp off to the back acre and collect some of my very own honey. However, after taking Susan Brackney's quiz, "To Bee or Not to Bee", I have determined I am probably more suited to shadowing a local beekeeper and writing a story about it. Plan Bee is a delightful read about the tiny unsung heroes that pollinate our crops and about the beekeeper's trade. I look forward to reading more and plan to experiment with the honey recipes in the beekeeper's cookbook that also came home with me from Vermont.


  1. My dad just started his own hive of bees and has become obsessed with learning all their little quirks. Let me know if you ever want to see a hive in action!

  2. Thanks, Melanie. I have become obsessed myself with the habits and behaviors within a hive since I am working on a picture book featuring a worker bee and her hive jobs. If I ever get brave enough to face my fear of being stung, I may want to pay your dad a visit.