Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beautiful...and Crazy...Solitude

The independence, the creative freedom, the satisfaction of a clever turn of phrase and the thrill of an emotionally charged passage--for me, writing a novel is amazing and doesn't even feel like work.  But the solitude of writing lends itself to a problem.  Nathan Bransford, a literary agent whose blog is a favorite of mine, described it most accurately.  He refers to the writers' syndrome as the "Am I Crazies?" 

I have completed an eight-month-long edit of my manuscript and now have queries sitting in the inboxes of literary agents.  The waiting game has begun.  I knew this process when I started.  So, on the advice of a respected writer and instructor, I am distracting myself from the insane waiting by writing another novel.  I am daily reminded of the reasons I love to write.  Take your time, dear agents, I'll have another offering for you before long.

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