Friday, March 18, 2011

Character Names With a Twist

Character names carry such weight in a story's perception.  I mean, can you imagine if Wilbur's friend, the remarkable spider who weaves webs in the barnyard, was called Helen?  Or, what if the pig, whose life she saves, was named Dillon?  No offense meant to all you Helens and Dillons out there--but you don't have names that fit E.B. White's classic tale.  You probably don't mind, do you?  I grew up with a Charlotte who loved her name but didn't enjoy its connection with the literary arachnid. 
I have been working on a children's picture book and the starring characters are two cats.  Since character names, whether human, mermaid, pixie, or animal are so important, I researched cat names on some pet websites.  Wow!  As a pet owner still new to the world of cats, I was amazed at the different culture of cat-naming compared with dog-naming.  Here are a few of the side-splitting favorites:
Mista Meanor
Mighty Moe
Maizie Alice Skippypaws favorite...Wilfred Pudding.

You can check out more here. When we got our first kittens last spring, we named them on the side of conservative--Patch and Milo.  Had I considered the potential to be...well...amusing, we might have dug deeper.  So, I made up for it with delicious and fun names for the cats in my story.  I'll tell you what they are when I get ten comments on this post.


  1. When we adopted our dog, we all were going through names and which ones we liked and disliked. I, of course, wanted something cute and unique (like Widget :) but thankfully our dog, Howie, came with his name already established and it fit him well so we decided to keep it. If Nicolas had his way Howie would
    have been named "Mr. Ba-cutie-pants"!

  2. My personal favorite: Kuronekosama. (Try saying that ten times fast! XP)