Tuesday, April 5, 2011

David Holt, Master Storyteller and Musician

Four-time Grammy winner, musician, storyteller, David Holt
David Holt--Grammy award winner, professional storyteller, folk musician--has mastered the skill all children's writers seek.  He knows how to inspire children, captivate them, and leave them begging for more.  If I could harness the literary equivalent of David Holt--simultaneously playing the banjo and the harmonica, flat-foot tapping, and singing the catchy tune of a knee-slapping folk song--well, I'd have a best-seller. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing David Holt live, or at least hearing his music, check out his website.  You can learn about his shows, appearances, storytelling, and the history of Southern mountain music.  He even has a video on how to play the spoons! And, if you are looking for some fun music that will put you in touch with your inner child, try "Blackeyed Susie", "I Got A Bullfrog", and "Ain't No Bugs On Me".

The storytelling, exaggeration, repetition, and rhythm of such folk songs are great reminders of what children love to hear when stories are read aloud to them.  I love when another medium inspires me to write.  Have you seen anything that inspired you lately?

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