Monday, November 14, 2011

A Novel in A Month...Day 7

Right about now, my fellow NaNoWriMo buddies who began on November 1st, should be nearing close to 23,000 words on their novels. Some of them have surpassed the mark and I applaud their momentum. I began seven days ago (the reason for that is long). I just finished word number 14,434 and had to take a break because my brain is mush and will not work on this story for me in the conscious realm anymore today. I'm going to mull some plot decisions around in my head while I eat a bowl of popcorn and watch a re-run of Frasier because that show never fails to make me laugh my head off.

I recently watched the episode called "The Seal Who Came To Dinner"--in which Niles finds a dead seal washed up on the beach behind Maris' beach house where he is hosting a high society dinner to compete for the "Golden Apron". In short, after all his attempts to prevent his guests from discovering the smelly carcass, Niles has wrapped the seal in his ex-wife's peignoir, doused it with her perfume, anchored it with a clapper lamp, and stabbed it repeatedly with a butcher knife to make it less bouyant so he can drag it back to sea. The neighbor calls the police because she believes she has witnessed Niles killing his wife. Niles, with butcher knife in hand, makes it worse when he tries to hide the whole thing so nothing will upstage his fancy dinner. The actors on that show have the best comedic timing I've ever seen.

Great diversion. Great way to let my subconscious work on the plot turns in my NaNoWriMo novel. Since it's November and we are nearing Thanksgiving, I will add something to my thankful list. I'm grateful for Netflix.

Here is what I learned as I wrote 3,264 words today...yes, another list. (I think they are easier to read.)

1. Villains show up in the most unusual places
2. Characters you thought were antagonists can turn out to be allies
3. Fantasy worlds have a way of changing on you, evolving, morphing--even when you don't want them to. For heaven's sakes! I created this world, why won't it behave itself and do what I say!
4. I hate the word "there". There is no place in which there is a reason for there to be useful in my novel over there. Okay, I made that sentence as awful as possible to prove my point.
5. I love researching other cultures but it means I take all day to write 3,264 words.

Off to my bowl of popcorn and some laughs. Maybe I'll treat you with another Frasier synopsis tomorrow.

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  1. I spent all day yesterday trying to come up with 3,000 words. Today, my writing brain flatly refused to show up for work so I folded laundry and realized how messy my house has gotten in the last two weeks.

    But on the good side, my characters are rebelling. I'm not even sure who the bad guy is anymore. I love it when my book comes alive like that.