Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Laughs From "The Nutcracker"

 One of our many family traditions for the holidays is rooted in my fourteen years of classical ballet training--we always see The Nutcracker ballet. Usually, we buy tickets to see a live performance and even my five year old son sat through the entire show last year. Of course, we had front row seats and he spent a good portion of the time mimicking the conductor in the orchestra pit and pretending to play the chimes. But he actually enjoyed the music, the dancing and the story enough to want to see it again. Yes! I love it when real life wins out over video games!

This year, because of an extra busy holiday schedule, we opted to watch the New York City Ballet's performance live from the Lincoln Center on PBS. Everything about the production was beautiful and flawless. The kids loved it and got up and danced when the music inspired them. My little one needed me to narrate some of the story and would ask questions like: "When does the Nutcracker turn real?", "When does the Christmas tree grow?", and "How do all those kids fit under Mother Ginger's skirt?"

But this one question, and the answer it prompted from my daughter, was by far my favorite.

Son (while watching the Arabian dancer known as "Coffee" in this version): "Which candy is she supposed to be?"

Daughter (while noticing the small amount of fabric comprising Coffee's costume and her bare mid-section): "The candy without a wrapper."

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