Thursday, December 29, 2011

With Or Without The Kids?

Yesterday, Mr R and I celebrated our anniversary by spending most of the day with our children. While many of our other anniversaries have been spent without the children, I confess I didn't feel like dropping the kids off at grandma's this year. With our anniversary only three days after Christmas, it always arrives in the midst of the still tangible holiday excitement. My son and daughter enthusiastically helped Mr R to prepare a breakfast buffet complete with homemade hash browns, pancakes, eggs and orange juice. They delighted in doing something for our special day and regaled us with loud shouts and cheers.

Mr R and I took the kids with us to see "Hugo", the movie based on Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret. The kids were excited to see the movie, and enjoyed it, but being in the dark theater for so long gave my son the impression that the day had passed him by. After watching twenty minutes of previews and the entire movie, while eating lots of popcorn and candy and taking two trips to the drinking fountain for water, my son sighed and said to me, "Your anniversary is long."

I'm grateful for my sweet children and love how they make me laugh. I'm also grateful to my sister who agreed to cook them dinner at her house so Mr R and I could go out to a restaurant alone.

I'm most grateful for my kind and loving husband and for all the joy, tears, worries, comfort, wealth, poverty, adventures, and winding roads we have shared. I wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else.

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