Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lucky Sevens

I've been tagged in a game of Lucky 7 for writers with WIPs (that's writer-speak for "works-in-progress"). The following is an excerpt from Painting Totora, my YA Peruvian steampunk which I wrote during NaNoWriMo. (Wow. I looked over the previous sentences and realized they probably make no sense to my non-writer friends. Sorry, guys. I love you all--and thanks for being readers!)

The idea behind Lucky 7 is to go to page 77, line 7 of your work in progress, and post the next seven lines. This exercise was interesting for me since I've only begun to revise this novel and I had no idea what I would find on page 77. Here you go:

"You are right, Elio," Yana says. "And I suppose this place is as good as any." She steps into the cell and Cloe follows. Cloe will follow anyone who pays her a bit of attention--never mind that Yana's a soul shifter. Cloe's about as dim as day-old fire stones. "The guards trust that nothing will get past the gears on these doors, so they prefer to avoid the smell and stay out of here as much as possible."

"I would've preferred to avoid the smell," I growl.

Elio shushes me. He's right. I shouldn't provoke her.

süßer duft ("sweet smell"): an art exhibition
at La Maison Rouge by Gregor Schneider

If you have a work in progress and haven't been tagged in Lucky 7, consider yourself tagged! Post your seven lines on your blog and leave me a comment here so I can head on over and read it.

Thanks to inluvwithwords for the tag. Visit her blog to see what she's working on!

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  1. Great passage, Celesta. I especially like the line about Cloe being "dim as day-old fire stones."

    I've never read steampunk before. I like the "flavor" of this, though. Thanks for sharing a snippet!