Friday, April 13, 2012

30 Days, 30 Stories and Geeking Out About Books and NYC

The Utah Children's Writers Blog is running a different short story, poem, or novel excerpt every day in April. Not all of the contributing authors live in Utah, but some have come to Utah to participate in a wonderful writing conference called Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. My day for the "30 Stories" project is tomorrow, April 14th. If you haven't already, head on over to the blog for some fun reading. One of my favorites is "Walking Cemetery", a ghost story with a surpise ending.

Now, on a different subject... I've spent the week on the East Coast with my family, during which Mr R and I took a whirlwind trip to New York City. Finally. For those of you who have read my post about my adventures with vacation euphoria, you may be wondering what sort of mischief or danger I got myself into this time. Considering this was my first visit to the home of my two most favorite things--publishing and Broadway theater--I could have seriously lost my head. To my dear Mr R's relief, I did not attempt anything too crazy. I didn't bid $1900 for Nick Jonas' green bow tie at the end of "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" like some people. (Although the money did go to a good cause). I didn't throw up on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. We did find a signed copy of Beatrix Potter's "The Tailor of Gloucester" at a used and rare books store (because I really do "geek out" about books that much). We visited Scholastic Publishing, ate in Little Italy, and found all the designer stores at which I cannot shop. I cannot bring myself to pay $425 for a keychain, no matter how much I like the designer and his logo. But I had a great time in NYC and I hope to go back very soon.

What is the most outrageous price you have paid for something and why? We paid $28 for a bowl of oatmeal was a fancy hotel and breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Mr R liked his fancy oatmeal, but my maple ginger pancakes were AMAZING!


  1. I would have to admit that I paid $200 to sit on the fourth row of the Sting concert and spent $85 for the dress I wore. I never do that!!! It was worth it to be that close, but I didn't keep the dress in the end. Memories have no price tags! that's what I love best...remembering how insane it was!

  2. What a great vacation! The oatmeal price would have freaked me out, though I tend to splurge on food more than anything else. Congrats on scoring the Beatrice Potter book. That must have been so exciting coming across that!