Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sitting At the Grown-Up Table

So, I got thinking about the grown-up table on Thanksgiving Day. Don't ask me why I'm thinking about Thanksgiving in the middle of the summer. I love the summer. I wish it could be perpetual summer with kids never growing up and changing, school never stealing the hours of life away, and the most perfect day always involving a popsicle. But I walked past the china cabinet in my living room, and I thought about Thanksgiving. Remember the grown-up table? You know, the one with the soft white table cloth you weren't allowed to touch and the giant goblets of some yummy drink you weren't allowed to have and the gold-leafed china were weren't allowed to eat on? My lovely grandparents let me sit at the grown-up table so long as I behaved myself, but I went to other Thanksgiving dinners where I was relegated to the kids' table. The paper tablecloth gave me a paper cut and the turkey tasted like the paper plate. I think I ate some of the plate once the gravy soggied it up for me.

And I realized today that life is full of kids' tables and grown-ups' tables. Most of us are striving for the grown-up table in some area of our life. Either we want what we don't yet have or something else looks better. Sometimes though, the grown-up table actually is better and we just have to give ourselves permission to sit there. I think working toward a goal is something like that. It's worth the effort so we don't have to taste paper with our turkey. But once we reach that grown-up table, it's even more satisfying if we invite others to join us.