Thursday, January 3, 2013

Living It

I have often looked up at a blue sky, with a perfect feather-dusting of clouds, and I've thought, "That looks just like a painting."

No it doesn't.

It looks just like nature in its perfection, and the painting is only a copy of something greater.

I've learned some hard lessons in life experience over the past few months that have reminded me to LIVE and FEEL and SAVOR the ride no matter how bumpy, unexpected, or uncomfortable. In the past, I've often gone through my life like I'm holding up an invisible shield, keeping my head down and hoping that the next bend in my road won't have something too difficult in it.

Well, what if it does? What if things get really tough?

I've been reminded that facing unexpected challenges and experiencing the full spectrum of emotions is a pummeling that can make me stronger. I just have to let it be.

So, farewell 2012. At times, you've been a great friend, a formidable foe, a hilarious joke, and an exciting journey. I'll hold onto the memories, even the bad ones, because all that living is worth something. It's worth learning to be more sympathetic and less judgmental. It's worth a grateful attitude. It's worth loving and cherishing while you can.

It's worth a million stories.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for being positive through life's difficulties. You are an inspiration. I hope to take the tough stuff and grow stronger from it too. Best of luck in 2013!