About Me

I am an Air Force kid who hated to move.  As I moved from state to state (sometimes three different elementary schools in one year), I grew up thinking I was the shy kid.  My teachers would stare at my name on the new student registration form as though they'd just been handed something written in Martian language.  Just sound it out, I would beg in my mind as all the kids stared at me.  It was inevitable--class after class I repeated the mantra, "My name is Celesta, not Chelsea."  This spectacle still occurs today when I order a Jamba Juice and give them my real name.  You should know, I love my name.  (And it is pronounced: suh-LEH-stuh) 
I discovered my love for writing in Mrs. Boyd's after-school, fourth grade creative writing class.  She was the first teacher I became eager to see each day. (And the first teacher I accidentally called "Mom" in front of the class.  Go ahead, laugh.  You know you did it, too.)  I began winning creative writing contests at the age of ten and I have been writing ever since.

My passion for storytelling did not end with the written page.  Below is a backstage shot of "The Scarlet Pimpernel".  I perform in musical theater productions whenever my schedule allows.  A few years ago, a beloved friend and director approached me with the idea of performing in a Theater for Young Audiences production in which Harry Allard's picture book "Miss Nelson is Missing" had been adapted for stage as a one hour musical.  We performed that delightful show for hundreds of elementary school children eight times a week for nearly one month.  As the children lined up in the lobby for our autographs, many asked us to sign their copies of the book "Miss Nelson is Missing".  Not quite an author signing...but super fun anyway!

I write middle grade fantasy, YA fantasy, and children's picture books.  I'm a fan of Lloyd Alexander, C.S.Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Shannon Hale, Mary Downing Hahn, Beverly Cleary, and Mildred D. Taylor (to name only a few). After my gypsy childhood of moving, moving, moving, I have settled in the Utah mountains with my husband, two children, two cats, and some chickens and I'm content to never move again.