Writing and Manuscripts

A partial list of manuscripts and works in progress
by Celesta Rimington

Painting Totora
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
65,000 words
Status: First draft completed during National Novel Writing Month. Workshopped at Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers 2012. Completely rewritten. Undergoing revisions for agent submission.

The Seakeeper
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
69,000 words
Status: Shelved for now.

Seven Is A Mile
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Status: Work in Progress

Saucy and Shoo
Saucy Muggins, a pampered house cat, discovers he may not be King of the World after all when he trades places with Shoo, the rugged barn cat.  A feline twist on "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse".
Genre: Picture Book
1,000 words
Status: On submission

Wing's Wiggle-Waggle Dance:

What happens when a worker bee sculpts square cells instead of the hexagons required by the queen?  Wing dares to stray from the hive and discovers a treasure of nectar the other scouts have missed.  She finds her worker bee talent in her wiggle-waggle dance.
Genre: Picture Book    
500 words
Status: On submission